Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wood fire bugs

These Creatures in this posting are all wood fired. The temperament of wood firing is intense, the proses is long, tedious, tiring and amazing! Traditional wood fire creates variation in colors depending on the wood, clay, and glazes used but browns tend to be the most sought after. Loading the kiln can be just a crucial as the glazing because of flame patterns and temperature variations from the front of the kiln to the back. This is were it becomes difficult for my work to even stand a chance in a wood kiln. The ash build up can be quite overwhelming, so i need to place it normally in the middleish of the kiln. The ash can melt the pieces to the kilns shelving so i need to make props for all the little arms, claws, feet and what ever else I put in there. If the planets align then I can get some great results resembling crustaceans and exoskeleton like appearances.

Check out my images!!!


  1. This is a 12 legged creature that I created out of B-Clay and then wood fired with a thin layer of Shino on the top. The bug is inspired by rain forest beetles that have large horns mainly for intimidation and intriguing the opposite sex. The larger the horn the better... The small horn on this beetle functions as a lid, the larger horn is the handle and the head is the spout. This beatle is only 6" long and 6" high so functionality is relative to the size. The box that it is resting on is made of porcelain.

    Hope you like it!!!

  2. Oops!!! This Bug hit the floor and died... bummer but I made a new one in honor of this mishap. Ill post an image when it is done.

  3. Hi Kevin, AMAZING what you do! I found you thanks to your comment on my blog, and indeed there is soooooo much beauty in the tiny creatures that surround us.

    But what you have made here, despite the fact is has broken, but can been seen because -thank god!- you've made great pictures of it, is awesome.

    LOVE IT!!! Your very talented in expressing yourself with clay...